“The business of the customer. Is our job. “

In 2005, Vet Agritech Company. has expanded its business in livestock. To support the plant as well. We have a plant protection department under name “Dow Bai mai” To answer Farmers’ Needs For 6 years now at the Plant protection Department. Take care and service to customers

In 2011, We were developed from the Plant protection Department to the Crop Agritech Company in order to meet the needs of more customers. We still stick to the original philosophy. “The business of the customer. Is our job. ”

We are promise that we are importing, producing and distributing good quality products. For Thai farmers by selecting raw materials from foreign and domestic importers. We have a research and development department to test the products. To ensure that the ingredients that we have selected. Can actually increase the productivity of farmers. Good value for money. We have a sales support team for convenient services. To our customers . Both academic matters and many activities, together with an experienced sales department and expertise in each area. To facilitate customers anytime anywhere We are happy to serve For the success of Thai farmers “Customers can stay, We can stay.” Is what we always stand for you.

We are ready to operate agrochemical business. To mission

“Strive to create and select quality products For the produce of Thai farmers”


Crop Agitrch Co,.Ltd  is number one vender of quality factors and production technology in the mind of professional farmers.


  • (Customer) Research and develop the most appropriate and modern knowledge, management and technology. To continuously enhance the production potential of quality and safe crops
  • (Vender) Support and enhance the potential of delivering the value of the product. And technology with full willingness and consistency
  • (Employee) Develop academic, economic and managerial knowledge Keep pace with continuous changes